Gidigba was conceived as an online network community for independent business people (entrepreneurs) to gather, share resources, referrals, experiences and support. The name GIDIGBA actually comes from the meaning “standing strong”. It is specifically designed for small businesses/enterprises who have committed to stand strong through the challenges and make a success of their businesses with social networking functionality and face to face events.

Gidigba provides a reliable platform that will enable business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria integrate with an organized local community, providing support to this local community(the Gidigba community) to overcome their binding constraints (being, limited access to Market, Information, Support, Finance, Infrastructure, Technology –M.I.S.F.I.T) which will help them not only stay in business but thrive in business.

Every entrepreneur whether you are a startup, or a small, medium enterprise regardless of the industry seeks to have the right information on market opportunities, achieve critical mass or economies of scale and have a sizeable network of fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas with. Running a business can be hard, lonely work. Step away from the isolation. Boost your visibility. Come meet others who get it – ones who know the challenges and rewards of running your own show. They are the best people to offer support, resources, referrals and advice. That’s networking with a purpose!

Our goal is to develop and implement effective programmes for the Gidigba community that will enhance their capacity in these five key areas:
  1. Assist these MSMEs in accessing formal financing channels (e.g. bank lending etc);
  2. Assist these MSMEs in accessing new markets (i.e. through new channels, exports, new large customers etc) to grow or diversify business revenues);
  3. Assist these MSMEs in reducing operational costs, and becoming more competitive;
  4. Assist these MSMEs in formalizing their operations;
  5. Assist these MSMEs with basic skills to enhance overall entrepreneurship and business management capacity.
Food & Agri-Business Accelerator Program
Welcome to Nigeria’s first ever Food and Agri-Business accelerator program run by Gidigba’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship. The program is 3 months long and aims at accelerating, nurturing and investing in innovative early stage start-ups that have the potential to become scalable and competitive ventures in the food and agri-business space.
Selected start-ups will be provided with capacity building, individual mentoring and advisory support from highly experienced industry experts and access to potential investors. At the end of the program, two start-ups will be selected for seed investment.
Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme (EAP)
The programme covers issues surrounding life of an entrepreneur, how to get and implement ideas as well as exciting participants to look at entrepreneurship as an alternative career.
Entrepreneurship education cannot be confined to the boundaries of regular classroom teaching and learning, therefore, in EAP visits to the industries located in the region is also arranged to bring the participants in direct touch with practicing entrepreneurs. The standard EAP is of 5 days duration.
Gidigba - Entrepreneur's Hub
The Entrepreneur’s Hub of Gidigba Social Network Service is a reliable platform that enables business owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria integrate with an organized local community, creating direct access to market, skills, opportunities, resources, partnerships, influencers, mentorships, outsourcing etc. which will help them not only stay in business but to also thrive in business!
The Seasons - Networking In Heels
“Networking in high heels” which is at the heart of our passion and commitment for business women to connect and bring ideas on how to be stronger, more successful, and smart¬er in their business efforts. The event provides insightful access to a range of key factors af¬fecting the development of women entrepreneurs in Nigeria from a wide array of SME developmen¬tal stakeholders as well as access to a robust advisory/networking plat¬form that could open doors and opportunities.
A one of its kind business clinics having a Boardroom feel and setting uniquely dedicated towards entrepreneurship. This is a new approach towards tackling the challenges of entrepreneurs running and growing their businesses, by pooling the experience and expertise of other entrepreneurs, decision makers, subject matter experts and influential individuals(the Board) who provide strategic guidance, tailored business advice and mentoring, focusing on their unique business situations and growth visions that produces results. The Board will also deliver insight into their barriers to growth, core challenges, and the practical actions they need to take their businesses to the next level.
It is more than a networking platform. It is one that delivers a little more structure, accountability for progress with key goals and performance indicators to ensure the entrepreneurs keep on track. This particular event will be broadcast on TV stations across the nation.

Attend the next monthly business breakfast meeting – The Entrepreneur’s Cafe!